THE ELLIE PENROSE FUND is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1164073

The Ellie Penrose Fund

ellie-character-3-4The Ellie Penrose Fund was created in September 2015 to honour the memory of the talented athlete and academic, Ellie Penrose, by helping young people access, participate, and excel in sport.

The fund, which is a registered charity, invites applications from young people aged 21 and under, who need support in pursuing their sporting interests.  This is often in the form of assisting in the purchase of essential equipment, such as a fencing epee, or a pair of performance running shoes.

Who the fund is for:

1.  Young people of any gender, colour, race, religion, sexuality, and ability from novice to elite, aged 21 and under in the year of application.
2.  People requiring genuine assistance in the purchase of an essential piece of equipment or service not more than £500 in value, that is directly related to their sport.  (Cash support is not offered)

What the fund isn’t:

1.  For people aged over 21
2.  For purchasing high value items for people able to fund themselves.